Cloud paves the right path to accomplish on-demand business agility and seamless scalability for various businesses to operate in todays competitive world. With the comprehensive range of cloud offerings, Perfomatix can play a crucial role in transforming the dreams of the enterprises to reality and help transform entire business models. By making use of the tons of experience available with us, Perfomatix offers personalized cloud services that empower enterprise IT to deliver a digital backbone with the appropriate cloud levers on the basis of the requirements of the clients company.

Perfomatix Offerings:

Perfomatix offers a comprehensive consulting services to facilitate quick and efficacious cloud adoption, from cloud strategy to cloud transformation and cloud optimization services. Our consulting services around strategy and advisory are designed in such a way to offer assistance in extracting value from the cloud investments regardless of the maturity of our clients cloud voyage.

  • Consulting and strategy services: Perfomatix offers advisory and strategy services for those who want to adopt and use cloud for achieving their business objectives.
  • Cloud software development services: Perfomatix offers the best tailored software solutions with the cloud to solve the business issues of our clients in the most cost effective manner.
  • Cloud transformation and Infrastructure services: Perfomatix extends its support to our clients who transform their IT with the cloud to create a more seamless and integrated service that is more responsive to their business needs. We help our clients in planning, building and managing a cloud infrastructure using their choice of innovative cloud services.
  • Cloud optimization and management services: Perfomatix supports our clients in gaining control, reduce complexity, and demonstrate cost savings with its services and solutions.

By associating with us, you will get the best solutions for the following queries.

  • On what computing resources should the business be running?
  • What tools should be used to build and run custom solutions?
  • How should we mix custom and off-the-shelf solutions?

Our Highlights:

  • Without having any worries about new server setup, quality and security, you can use a private cloud for scalable ERP deployments while having elastic infrastructure.
  • Scale up/down, the server and computing resources elastically on the basis of your requirement.
  • Integrating newly acquired business infrastructure.
  • Expandable Storage – temporary and elastic.

Our Strategy in choosing the cloud:

  • Analysing the client requirements.
  • Testing the cloud environment.
  • Selecting the right model, provider and applications.
  • Deploying the target application of our client on the on the cloud to ensure that they achieve desired end result with the transition.

Benefits for you:

  • Collaborate to the cloud platform in the most effective manner.
  • Lower overall Cost of Ownership.
  • Comprehensive SaaS Portfolio.
  • Customization.
  • Enhanced business dexterity & scalability.
  • No complexities in fragmentation, change, and operations.