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Perfomatix Tech Series – Google Jump

Google Jump: Seeing is believing!

Virtual Reality(VR)- something blows your mind when comes in ‘reality’. Since Google foresaw the demand of virtual reality, they introduced G​oogle Cardboard in 2014 Google I/O. As every year’s I/O, Google instigated a smart leap in the ever growing field of technology.Inthisyear’s I​/O,​itisG​oogleJump!

This blog lets you to answer your mind on, what and how Google Jump makes ‘seeing is believing’.

So, what Jump enables? Jump enables, any creator to capture the world in VR video. Video that you can step in, experience like you are actually there and of course you can make it available to everyone.

Mobile TV Commerce – Perfomatix Tech Series

Why is it the right time to get started with mobile TV commerce for your business?

Gone are the days when you had to wait for ages for your favorite brands to appear in the retail store in your town. Gone even, are the days of online shopping. Now it’s time for the latest that technology has to offer: Mobile TV Commerce.

A quick look at Android M – Perfomatix Tech Series

As Google Team made a context decision to “focus on quality end to end” on their upcoming Android Release M, the central theme of Android M is improving core user experience by which they are focusing on product excellence.

With the new release Android M, Google says the 6 Key areas will really improve the core user experience in apps. As part of Perfomatix Technology Series, Dhanil Ramakrishnan writes about his exploration of Android M