In today’s global marketplace, every industry faces several challenges. The end-to-end solutions offered by Perfomatix enable the clients across various industries to achieve business success. Perfomatix empowers clients by aligning their IT strategy in the best possible way through a partnering approach. We have state-of-the-art solutions covering the entire value chain of the following industries:


Transportation industry is facing massive challenges to stay competitive in a rapid emerging technology driven globalized market. The huge upsurge that the industry acquires over the last decade makes it a fruitful business. Thus for staying competitive in an extremely demanding as well as volatile industry, companies are investing more in technology-led business initiatives. Perfomatix with its extensive understanding of the domain industry and technological expertise drives clients to effectively utilize their investments on IT. Our solutions are specifically tailored in a way to address the specific needs of our clients in the transportation industry.

Perfomatix Offerings for Transportation Industry:

  • Web & Mobile Applications
  • IT consulting
  • ERP and CRM
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Fleet management System
  • Ticketing & Reservation System
  • Dynamic route generation
  • Logistics management system
  • Financial & Payroll Management System
  • Asset & Facility Management System