In today’s global marketplace, every industry faces several challenges. The end-to-end solutions offered by Perfomatix enable the clients across various industries to achieve business success. Perfomatix empowers clients by aligning their IT strategy in the best possible way through a partnering approach. We have state-of-the-art solutions covering the entire value chain of the following industries:

Sports & Hospitality

Sports and Hospitality are those two industries that are in the limelight today. Companies in the sports and hospitality business face exponentially increasing competition. It becomes very vital for businesses in these industries to stay forefront of technology. Perfomatix empowers organizations in sports and hospitality industry with streamlined software solutions and services. With our extensive industry knowledge and capabilities, we leverage technology to innovatively and cost-effectively address our clients’ most tenacious business needs. We are capable of delivering state-of-the-art end-to-end solutions to the businesses in these industries for their operational effectiveness.

Perfomatix offerings for Sports & Hospitality Industries:

  • Web & Mobile Applications
  • IT consulting
  • ERP and CRM
  • Digital Marketing
  • Reservation System
  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Asset Management
  • Online Point of Sale [PoS] development
  • Data warehousing
  • Content Management
  • Supply Chain and Inventory Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Gateway Integration
  • Distribution & Financial Management