Perfomatix development center in India has reliable and world class IT infrastructure to ensure security and zero down time for the client projects. Below are some of the key highlights of our infrastructure facilities.

Office Space – fully secured office space located in Technopark campus, Trivandrum, India – which is home for more than 300 tech companies and 20,000 IT professionals

Connectivity – High speed leased line for internet connectivity and multi vendor back up leased lines for ensuring zero downtime, redundancy and high availability

Networking – High quality network equipment – we use high quality network equpments like switches, firewalls, cables, routers and servers. We also have a secured LAN connectivity for our development workstations.

Communications  – we have round the clock VOIP calling facility for customer interactions and meetings

Access Control – we have the most modern finger print based access control system impemented in our premises, which prevents unauthorized user access. Confidentiality – Confidential resources such as client specifications, hard disks, CDs are not allowed to be carried outside the development center

UnInterrupted Power – The Technopark campus provides un-interruped power suppy with generator backup

Business Continuity – The infrastructure facilities adhere to disaster recovery and contingency plans, which are designed as per industry standard practices.